Folkets Radio 2022-10-09 episode “The biggest health scandal of our time? (Part 2)”


Partial transcript (English)

(Unofficial translation from Swedish.)

Per Shapiro: Yes. Shall we move on? Another puzzle piece in this puzzle is that many pathologists have reported that cancer has skyrocketed. We’re going to watch part of a video that has gone viral, featuring the Swedish-German pathologist Ute Krüger [inaudible].

Ute Krüger: For the past seven years I have had the opportunity to research breast cancer at Lund University and for almost a year now I have had the feeling that I am receiving samples from younger patients. Here I mean patients born in the 70’s or 80’s. Even patients born in the 90’s are now not infrequently among the patients. That is, patients who are in their 30s to 50s. Then the tumors appear to be larger than usual. Tumors larger than 3 centimeters are rare in this age of mammography screening. But now I see very large tumors, tumors with dimensions of more than 4 centimeters were previously rarities, but are now seen relatively often. There are not infrequent tumors with a size of 8 and 10 centimeters, even 12 centimeters. Two weeks ago I saw a tumor that was 16 centimeters in size, so the whole breast was filled with tumor. In addition, I often see multiple tumors, i.e. more than one tumor in the breast. Also bilateral, i.e. simultaneous tumor growth in both breasts is sometimes seen.

Returning to the tumors themselves, I have a feeling that they are growing more aggressively than before, so in the last three weeks I have had three patient cases where there were simultaneously four cancers in different organs in the same patient. A month or so after the last vaccination against Covid-19. These cancers had thus appeared in different organs at the same time. It’s also incredibly rare. One, for example, was a woman where I received samples from her breast cancer. At the same time, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer had been diagnosed. It is very remarkable and unusual.

All these cases that I suspect may occur in connection with vaccination against Covid-19, I report to the Swedish Medical Products Agency, and since there were a lot of reports, I was contacted by a clinical investigator at the Medicines Safety Unit at the Swedish Medical Products Agency in November 2021. He was curious about my reasoning and thought what I said was very interesting, so we booked a meeting where his managers would also be there. I was of course very happy and I felt heard, but the following day I only received a short email that there would be no meeting and then another person answered my questions from the Medical Products Agency’s side.

There are deaths that I strongly suspect are related to vaccination against Covid-19. One case was a man in his 60s who has a malignant disease and who, during ongoing cytostatic therapy, has received two doses of vaccine against Covid-19. He relatively quickly developed [unclear] so-called Guillain-Barré syndrome with paralysis and died three months later. I found a pronounced inflammation in the spinal cord and in the brain and an inflammation in vessels, i.e. a vasculitis. Another case was a woman in her 80s who became paralyzed a few months after vaccination. I found a hemorrhage in the spinal cord in the neck area. I have autopsied several hundred patients before, but I have never seen anything like this before. In the microscope, I found in the area of the bleeding in the spinal cord inflammation of vessels, so-called vasculitis. Apparently the vessel has ruptured due to the inflammation and therefore the bleeding was there. Small hemorrhages were also present in the brain. I also found an inflammation of the heart muscle, thus a myocarditis.

Then I would like to tell you about another case where the relatives and the treating doctor suspected that the death may be related to the vaccination against Covid-19, but during the autopsy the pathologist could not find anything to indicate this. I have been given the case as a consultation because relatives and the treating doctor did not believe the autopsy report. It is a previously healthy man in his 70s who, after being vaccinated against Covid-19, fell ill and died. The case is suspected to the highest degree to be in connection with vaccination against Covid-19. I see three major problems regarding the autopsy. The first is incorrect and incomplete information from the clinics, for example whether the patient was vaccinated or not. So we’ve had several cases, they’ve ticked the wrong box on the autopsy referral. There is a field where it says “Patient vaccinated against Covid-19”, “Yes”, “No”, and we got a “No”, and if you look in the medical record you will see that the patient was vaccinated. The second problem is that many of my pathologist colleagues do not take [unclear] for histological examination, i.e. they do not make a microscopic assessment. And if you have, for example, a classic heart attack and you see a thrombus in a vessel, then for many it is clear: “No, but it is clearly a heart attack due to a thrombosis in a vessel.” But if you look at histology, then you can see, for example, that there is inflammation around the vessel and that the inflammation actually caused thrombus formation in the vessel. If you don’t do histology, then you miss it. And the third problem is ignorance regarding the assessment of the microscopic findings. In addition, I have the feeling that people do not want to see and interpret the changes in their context. Another problem is that, apart from me, hardly any other doctor in my area reports suspected cases to the Medical Products Agency.

So in summary, the vaccine against Covid-19 seems to inform on the one hand fast-growing cancer or turbo cancer and on the other hand inflammatory conditions in the body, so-called [unclear] diseases. Possibly cancer development is also connected with the inflammatory conditions. I often see inflammatory changes in the cancer and in the surrounding chest tissue.

Per Shapiro: Yes, then before I read out another testimony that deals with this very thing… What, what do you think about Ute Krüger’s – what she says? You know her too and she – has had a lot of contact with her.

Sven Román: Yes, it is terrible what she describes, that she sees breast cancer occurring in younger women, that they have grown enormously large, which she has never experienced before. And these findings she’s made when she has- after autopsies of those who have died after taking the vaccine, it’s horrible. After all, this is by far the best method to accurately determine cause of death. And I just talked to Ute about this, because when I went to medical school in the 90’s, I learned that there was very little pathology in Sweden. It is because, among other things, this famous murder trial, this one, Costa as a prostitute. And then… then that pathologist during the training said, “This is a problem, we are far too few”. How are you today? The question [unclear]. There are too few autopsies and that’s the best measure, again to find out the cause of death and also specifically what she’s talking about here that she’s describing when it comes to cancer. That it has come earlier or is more aggressive [unclear] that other mechanism of action, which in any case is about the killer cells that keep viruses and tumors in check, that is the other. And this does exist, I have – I have received and colleagues have received a lot of reports that this is increasing. There are also other pathologists who agree with Ute, there is one in Canada called Roger Hodkinson, in the US one called Ryan Cole. They completely agree with her and in Germany there are a whole lot of pathologists and they held a video conference in February and actually Ute Krüger lectured there and that lecture is available if you want to watch it, it is on Läkaruppropet. There are two lectures by Ute.

And then this professor named Arne Burkhardt told me about 15 autopsies that they had done. There were 15 people who had died after the vaccination and there had previously already been an assessment by pathologists, and those pathologists had said “No connection with the vaccine”. Now Arne Burkhardt and his colleagues had redone the autopsies and looked at the tissue samples under a microscope – that’s what you do, just like Ute – and they’ve determined that 14 out of 15… of these 15 cases, it’s likely that they died because of the vaccine and spike protein could be found in the body over six months after they had received the injection.

Per Shapiro: I am going to read out one of the many testimonies that I have received, and this is an anonymous one from a nurse in home care in Central Sweden.

Unnamed nurse: We see two patient groups that stand out. Pancreatic cancer and bleeding in the cerebellum. In 20 years, we have never had as many people with these diagnoses as in the last two years. Young people, all vaccinated. We used to have one pancreatic cancer case per three years. Now we have three per year. Strange strokes that aren’t really strokes. On the MRI – i.e. magnetic resonance imaging – you don’t see anything, but on the statement it says clinical stroke as the diagnosis. All these patients younger than 70 years. None of these patients were reported as vaccine-injured as far as I know. Those with cancer have much more aggressive forms. The patients we receive from the palliative team – the palliative team, that is, end-of-life care. The patients we receive from the palliative care team were previously kept for 3 to 9 months. Now we hardly have time to check them in. Many of my patients have been admitted, but many different – many of my patients have been admitted with many different diagnoses, shortly after the dose was given. Those with diabetes have become much more severe and nothing is reported as vaccine damage.

Is this then an example of this, that one of these mechanisms of action that you mention that it can do is to make existing conditions worse?

Sven Román: Yes, when it comes to cancer, it’s definitely like that. When it comes to those who have a stroke, then it’s probably the first mechanism where blood clots form.

Per Shapiro: Why then is nothing visible on the MRI?

Sven Román: Now it’s a bit surprising, this has been shown not to be visible in X-ray examinations [note: MRI in Swedish is “magnet X-ray”]. This was then a MRI examination. It’s the same thing, you don’t see many changes in the heart after those changes happen. The heart has been hit, but if you go in and take a closer look? Of course you can see them. [Unclear] severe when you have an autopsy, that’s when you find it. Then you can find it, because it is about such small clots. There is a Canadian general practitioner who does a test, has done a test called D-dimer. D-dimer. It’s a breakdown product when the blood coagulates, the blood clots and he took it on his patients who had been vaccinated, and about 60% had elevated values on that test and it’s a marker that you have blood clots in the body, but you couldn’t see it on X-ray examination. You could not see the one called pulmonary embolism or, or in other places in large blood vessels, but this is on the small, small blood clots in smaller vessels. But are they numerous enough? And that’s what seems to happen, that there are many small blood clots and then they can eventually tip over and cause you to have a stroke, to die and so on. So the only explanation is that you can’t find it, but you have to look a lot more carefully.

Per Shapiro: Yeah yeah, we’re going to look at one more testimony here. A woman who lost her partner, was only 30 years old.

Unnamed woman: Yes, my partner is 30 years old. He took Moderna’s vaccine, on January 12, 2022 he received the vaccine. We waited a year before we took it and then he got Moderna and I know I questioned, asked him why he had received Moderna. Because I had read something about younger men, that it was paused and then he had received an answer that he had to take what was available. There was nothing else. Two weeks after he had the vaccine he got dizzy and generally felt tired and such. But it passed because he went to work the next day. And three weeks after he took the vaccine, he felt worse and he felt sick. Then that evening, when he had been unwell, we went out sledding. So he was as usual and he played with our daughter and such as he usually does. And then at 20:30 in the evening he had heart palpitations that didn’t go away so he called 112 [emergency number like 911] at 21:20 and he talked to them until 21:50. Then the emergency services came and drove by by chance and then they found him unconscious on the road. At 10:30 I think and they drove to Örebro but unfortunately it was not possible to save him.

Per Shapiro: Yes, then… I thought this was interesting and also shows the reason that you see then. In the statement from the pathologist, it is very carefully written. He writes that [unclear] cannot rule anything out but that it is very unlikely that the vaccine would be the cause here. I think you have looked into this case and also consulted with Ute Krüger. What is the, as they say, “second opinion” on this?

Sven Román: Yes, I have read the protocol that the pathologist has written and that person is very cautious and I think that person is wrong. Therefore, you should assume that this – that you should be extra careful. That’s how I think. It is under… under trial. You must be extra careful(?) when a drug is approved, you must be for the first ten years as well. We have an obligation as doctors to report any suspected side effects of any medication, [unclear] we suspect it. But he then writes that it is unlikely that it causes much – that it is unlikely that the vaccine could cause much, but it cannot be completely ruled out. Then I discussed with one of our pathologists in our network who also read the statement and said that it is naturally always difficult to read a statement, you want to see the samples yourself, but absolutely recommends reporting the death as suspicious after vaccination because coagulation disorder, myocarditis – that is heart muscle inflammation – and mast cell activity – that’s what I was talking about, that mechanism of action, histamine – are known phenomena after Covid vaccination. So there are three things that occur here that are typical. So I think this pathologist should have expressed himself in a completely different way.

Per Shapiro: Then we have also seen a record number of cases where elite athletes have collapsed, often in the middle of matches or even have an artistic swimmer pass out underwater. Many things that you have never seen before and this is of course anecdotal, but it is still something that stands out. Isn’t this it?

Sven Román: Yes, there is something that stands out and it does, taken together. It is one then another and then it still adds up to thousands of people. But there are still news media that have written about it. There is no study on it, so that is a weak point. But then again, you have to look at… because what is this about, those who have died, the sportsmen, what did they get? And I am convinced that it is an increase because it is completely consistent with the mechanism of action. Because it’s about getting these tiny, tiny blood clots in the heart, the heart muscle or the pericardium. And that’s what we know. And that is what has come recently, a study from Thailand that was published this August on the prevalence of myocarditis and pericarditis. And this is known as of now that you can’t exercise with a viral infection because then you can get these two conditions and there’s an increased incidence in [unclear] in general among men who are between the ages of 16 and 30 or so. People know that this is a known phenomenon.

This study in Thailand was done on 301 people who are 13 to 18 years old. This one I’d like to elaborate on because this one is so… the result is so, so strong and so incredibly disturbing. 301 people, 13 to 18, 202 men 99 women. All were healthy, none had cardiovascular disease, 15% had milder disease, allergies or other ailments, but not serious. All had received dose one and no side effects. Now before they were to take Pfizer’s dose two, they took… and this is where I mean, this was refined diagnostics. They took two blood samples and heart enzymes, which usually increase when the heart is damaged in a heart attack, for example. They did an EKG and then they did an ultrasound of the heart. Then they did it 2 days after they got the dose and then they did it, I think it was 7 days after, and 14 days, on three occasions, after dose two had been given. For the 99 women, there were no variations overall. But for these 202 men, there were 3 who had either myocarditis or pericarditis. 3 out of 202. That’s one in 60, well… 7, one in 67. Extremely frequent. Because normally the incidence, i.e. the incidence is around… around one in 100,000 or something like that. Then there were 4 who had abnormal blood values and this means that it will also be refined here. They had abnormal blood that indicated heart damage, but they had no symptoms. That’s what you call it, because you have a disease so, clinical. There were 4 of them. If you add up the clinical ones with these 3, then it is 7 out of 202. That is one in 29 who had clinical or subclinical myocarditis or pericardial inflammation. It’s an extremely high incidence, and I’m not a cardiologist, because I don’t want to just base this on my own judgment. And there are three talented cardiologists. Among others Viteman Callow(sp?) and someone called Vinay Prasad who have written about this, and who are all extremely worried about this, and this last one, Vinay Prasad, he has already taken the vaccine and he is still positive about vaccination of risk groups. But this completely horrifies him.

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“To the trained observer,” Han concludes, “there are no shocking findings in this study. Overall, it supports the current body of knowledge regarding COVID vaccination myocarditis.”

The protests have consisted of a motley crew of conspiracy theorists, right-wing extremists and people with connections to the neo-spiritual environment.

Several initiatives have emerged from the protests – in some cases it has led to party formations. In the parliamentary election, there are above all two parties that stand out, the Party MoD and the Knapptrykarna.

The party MoD, which with its slightly more than 6,000 votes, became the fifth largest party of those who ended up without the Riksdag. But with a support of 0.09 percent, the way into the chamber was far away.

Sven Román comment, 2022-10-05 (translation):

I am one of three doctors who founded Läkaruppropet and answer on behalf of our non-profit association. First, I would like to point out that in the last year Ute Krüger has seen several examples of cancer with a very rapid progression, what she calls turbo cancer, but she has never claimed that it is a galloping epidemic.


The possible increase we see in breast cancer together with the observations of Ute Krüger and other pathologists – for example the German professor Arne Burkhardt, the American pathologist Ryan Cole and the Canadian pathologist Roger Hodkinson – should lead to an investigation into possible causes being carried out in Sweden as soon as possible.

Sven Román comment, 2022-10-07 (translation):

Mattias Haglund, your point about the shortcomings in this case with a regression analysis based on 10 years was absolutely correct, and it was good that you pointed it out. We have now also changed our article on the Call for Doctors.

The only connection that Expo has been able to establish between Max Tegmark and the extreme right-wing media platform Nya Dagbladet is in the form of Tegmark’s brother, the journalist Per Shapiro, who for the past few years has been a recurring writer for Nya Dagbladet. Shapiro also runs the conspiracy theory-promoting podcast Folkets radio, whose episodes are presented on Nya Dagbladet’s website under the heading “radio reports”. Max Tegmark has, himself, appeared on his brother’s podcast. Whether this connection is significant with regards to the promise of funding from Max Tegmark and the Future of Life Institute to Nya Dagbladet is one of the questions we have been trying to put to them, but neither Max Tegmark nor his brother Per Shapiro have commented.

Shapiro told Expo that he is happy to answer questions concerning his journalism, but that he does not want to answer questions concerning whether he has been involved in contacts between Nya Dagbladet and FLI.

During Sunday, several of the seminar guests demonstrated at Södermalm in Stockholm under the slogan “Exit WHO”. Behind the demonstration were, among others, the Party MoD, the Nurses’ Call and the Doctors’ Call. Of the seminar participants from the Riksdag, Elsa Widding, Pierre Kory, Andrew Bridgen and Sasha Latypova spoke in front of around 400 people.

The groups behind the demonstration claim that the UN body the World Health Organization (WHO) is ultimately trying to establish a world government and take control of its member states and introduce “forced medication and increased censorship”.

Atomic Gender is a comprehensive analysis of the reality of gender identity, the world-changing power of the transgender community, and the impact of gender identity denialists worldwide.

Atomic Gender is an evolution of Gender Analysis. Zinnia Jones is a trans woman researcher and community advocate living in central Florida.

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