Jim Lehmann


  • Region: Ijamsville, Maryland, United States

Roles and affiliations

  • Transparency in Education (founder)
  • Frederick Tea Party (member)



  • April 16: Speech at Frederick Tea Party Tax Day event

Jim Lehmann at 6:35:

We learned about the arrogance of a government that takes God out of our discussions when we talk about governments. God was part of the creation of this nation. The creator gives us our inalienable rights. It doesn’t come from government, it comes from the creator, and our founding documents state that clearly. So don’t think this is going to be a short battle. Don’t think that this isn’t going to take a generation or more.



Professional background

  • In-business operational risk & control head, Citigroup (retired)
    • Previously: Head of credit operations; director of acquisitions; CFO of Citi Germany

Additional information

Atomic Gender is a comprehensive analysis of the reality of gender identity, the world-changing power of the transgender community, and the impact of gender identity denialists worldwide.

Atomic Gender is an evolution of Gender Analysis. Zinnia Jones is a trans woman researcher and community advocate living in central Florida.

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